Sexy Banana Costume


Sexy Banana Costume


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The costume that will make you slide on banana skins with laughter!

Hey you, explorer of offbeat humor, get ready to brighten up the party with this costume that is as hilarious as it is sexy. Yes, it’s you and this banana costume that will bring a dose of fruity madness to any occasion!

The costume that will make you the star of the evening (and raise the temperature)!

  • 🕺 Get noticed by playing this irresistibly sexy banana. Attract curious looks and naughty smiles , and become the throbbing heart of the party!

  • 😂 Get ready for lots of laughter. Conversations will only revolve around this exotically comical banana which animates minds and discussions.

  • 🎉 Host an unforgettable themed party by wearing this crazy costume. Create a sensual and fun atmosphere that will turn the temperature up a notch!

  • 🤩 Dare to put yourself in the shoes of this seductive banana and awaken the humor that lies dormant in you. You will be the sexy and irresistible ray of sunshine of the evening!

Be the sexy and crazy part of the party with this fruity costume!

Whether for a naughty evening between consenting adults or for a crazy moment with friends, put on this banana costume and let the fun and sensuality take over you. Dare to stand out, dare to let your sexy side express itself, and savor every moment of this evening which is unlike any other. Ready to spice up the laughs and create a deliciously fun atmosphere?