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Funny Dick Bouquet $26.00
Funny Cock Bouquet: Flowers That Brighten Your Sense of Humor Add a note of originality and laughter to your special occasions with the Funny Bite Bouquet. This unexpected bouquet transforms your gestures of affection into moments of joy and good humor. Composition Full of Malice 🌼 Playful flowers: Opt for an unusual bouquet, featuring teasing flowers in the shape of dicks. 😄 Humorous charm: This bouquet brings a funny and unexpected touch to your celebrations and demonstrates your mischievous spirit. 🎈 Memorable surprise: Make your loved ones smile by offering this unique bouquet that is sure to make an impression. 💐 Moment of complicity: Share laughter and memories by giving or receiving this original bouquet. Flowers and Laughter in Harmony The Funny Bite Bouquet transforms flowers into a symbol of joy and complicity. Offer or treat yourself to this original bouquet to celebrate the humor and uniqueness of each moment. Capture the essence of fun and lightness with the Funny Bite Bouquet, a floral creation that lights up faces and hearts.